NTT DOCOMO launches app based on the eeGeo Map Platform


The NTT DOCOMO app, called 3D地図, was built by ZENRIN DataCom (ZDC) using eeGeo’s revolutionary 3D mapping technology.

The app showcases eeGeo’s powerful mapping platform, which allows mobile developers to use dynamic, immersive maps, and provide a significantly better user experience


Upper photos shows a temple and residential buildings from Kagoshima, and the lower shows the unique style of buildings found on the island of Sapporo.

These immersive 3D maps can be extensively customized, as seen by how the Japanese environment has been localized to show distinct regional variation.

Themes can create distinct seasonal changes


An area in Niigata Prefecture shows all four seasons in one scene.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.31.46 PM

Tokyo’s Skytree shown on a snowy night.

These themes can also be tied to real-time data, for instance NTT DOCOMO’s display of current weather conditions and time of day.

The NTT 3D地図 App illustrates clearly the extensive benefits of the Eegeo Platform

The fluid map rendering provides a more engaging environment to explore social media, such as NTT docomo’s geo-located Tweet functionality

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.31.54 PM

Geocoded tweets can be browsed on the map, in real time.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.31.19 PM

Point to point directions are shown as an overlay within the 3D world.

eeGeo maps excel at presenting location data in a clear, understandable way, increasing user orientation and recognition…

…yet eeGeo’s playful, video game animation capabilities shine through, as seen in this animate character’s walking direction playback.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.31.27 PM

An animated character walks down the street in the walking direction route playback mode.

NTT DOCOMO promotional video.


eeGeo’s mapping platform is available in the form of a Software Development Kit, which allows mobile developers to easily add in immersive 3D maps to Android or iOS apps.

eeGeo also makes apps based on the core technology in partnership with leading media companies.


A screenshot from the Whereis Melbourne app, developed in partnership with Sensis, Australia’s leading local search brand.

The eeGeo platform offers a world of possibilities – the immersive, 3D world we have created can be used in many ways. We welcome partnership opportunities, drop us a line if you have any ideas!


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