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git clone git://

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git clone git://

3. Read the documentation

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Latest News

  • Recce USA & Great Britain!

    Today, Recce’s fun, animated 3D maps are available for all of the United States and Great Britain. TFree app for iPhone and iPad! New features that make exploration and discovery even more fun The Recce world is now even

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  • Now in Japan with NTT DOCOMO

    NTT DOCOMO launches app based on the eeGeo Map Platform   The NTT DOCOMO app, called 3D地図, was built by ZENRIN DataCom (ZDC) using eeGeo’s revolutionary 3D mapping technology. The app showcases eeGeo's powerful mapping platform, which allows mobile

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  • Cool demo of video within the eeGeo world

    Want to see the real future of "Native ads?" Check out this amazing way to build in video ads! Our friends at are making a number of apps using the eeGeo SDK. They created this short demo of

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  • Our time at GDC

    I spent a lovely few days at Game Developer Conference last week in San Francisco. I showed off a few things that we have in the pipeline, met lots of great developers, and hung out with the Scottish crew

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  • Meet eeGeo at GDC

    If you are attending GDC, be sure to stop by to see the latest features in our SDK, and peek at newest territories we are working on. We are a part of the Scottish Development stand, number 1238 in

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  • New Feature: Traffic congestion

    Traffic Congestion While the platform’s ambient traffic (also known as “clockwork traffic”) is useful for making the environment for interesting, it is not well-suited for conveying real-world traffic density (e.g. traffic jams). To make the visualisation of traffic density

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  • Matching route data to navigation graphs

    Matching route data to Navigation Graphs We provide support for the automatically matching provided routes to nodes in the navigation graphs used for the platform road and rail networks Why route match? Route matching may be beneficial for routes

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  • Navigation graphs

    Navigation Graphs The eeGeo 3D Maps streamed by the mobile Platform contains navigation graph data. The Platform makes this navigation data available to Apps for the purpose of animating 3D objects and visualising routes. It should be noted that

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  • Building and rendering route data

    Building and rendering route data We provide support for the plotting and drawing of routes. To assist with creating a route, the RouteBuilder can be used. This class defines a fluent interface for adding a set of positions to a route

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  • New Feature: Changing the style of the world

    Changing the style of the World The look of eeGeo 3D Maps’ can be entirely customized. We provide the ability to complete change all of our textures to suit your applications needs. We provide a few out of the

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